Welcome to Blackrock, Co. Louth Ireland– a traditional seaside village that people have been enjoying for their holidays for generations.

Enjoy a dip in the Irish Sea, build a sandcastle, enjoy an ice cream on the seafront promenade. Enjoy a cup of traditional Irish tea, wander through our small village shops or read a book. We have some award winning restaurants and bars where you can get a Pint of Guinness or listen to an Irish tune. So from music, to food, to sun, sea and sand – Blackrock Village has everything you need to enjoy you holiday in Ireland.

Whatever you want to enjoy your stay – we want you to enjoy it and share in a traditional Irish stay in sunny Blackrock. If you are planning your trip ahead check out HOW TO GET HERE and before you visit CHECK THE TIDE TIMES HERE or VIEW THE WEBCAM

“Come visit Blackrock – Where the Sea meets the Sky”