12 Places Of Interest

1. Wetlands and Wildlife Sanctuary

A rich diversity awaits

Explore the Wildlife around our coast

For nature lovers & bird watchers, the seashores around Blackrock provide habitats rich in diversity for wildlife including wetlands, salt marshes, river and shallows offering food & shelter for a wide variety of species .On the North side we have The Loakers Marshes and Wildlife Sanctuary and on the South side we have The Fane Estuary and Wetlands. These are protected areas of conservation. There are information boards on the promenade explaining the birds and wildlife.

2. Wind and Watersports

A popular beach destination for watersports

Its is popular for windsurfers, kite surfing, paddle boarding & canoeing.

Blackrock is a popular beach destination for windsurfers, kite surfing, paddle boarding & canoeing. The proximity of the water to the Promenade makes it a very easy & accessible area to ” Park, Launch, Surf N’ Sail”. There are 3 Slipways to allow for easy access to the shore. Thanks to the ever changing currents & tide heights combined with the seasonal weather, Blackrock beach offers a variety of conditions for water sports enthusiasts of all levels.

3. The Beaches

Explore any of the three sandy beaches

The village has several beautiful beaches

The heart of the village is right at the seafront and Blackrock is famous for its extraordinary retreating tide which means you can enjoy the expansive strand when the tide is out and the Irish sea when it’s in. Visitors are fascinated by the fact that the glimmering line on the horizon will be lapping the shoreline of the village on a six hourly cycle. So while the tide has ebbed out take advantage of the spans of walkway to explore the view the village from another angle.

4. Ancient Architecture

Blackrock's architecture stretches back hundreds of years.

Explore Blackrock’s history & development through its architecture.

Explore Blackrock’s history & development through its architecture. The oldest remaining fisherman’s cottage still stands on the street alongside other more elaborate buildings like The Brake and The Clermont dating from the 1840s. Other noteworthy buildings to view include The A.O.H. building, the Boathouse and the Victorian homes around the village like Murphy’s Mews, The Homes of the Crescent and The Field House, The spectacular McKeown’s Outpost house and the homes at The Square with the original shopfronts.

5. Promenade Wall

Pick a place on the promende wall and enjoy the view

The building of the sea wall commenced in 1851

The building of the sea wall commenced in 1851 & originally a two-walled promenade was the feature of Blackrock for over a century. One wall fronted the strand, while the other faced the street.  In 1952 the inner wall was removed and so the street widened and again in 2001 the wall was completely refurbished.The wall is exceptional in both its proximity to the main beach and because of its in-built seat, providing a beautiful free facility for all.

6. The Mary Stoddart

The Mary Stoddart disaster of 1858

An epic story of tragedy and salvation

The Mary Stoddart disaster of 1858 is a legacy to the heroism of local fishing men and lifeboat volunteers of Blackrock. In April 1858, local man James Crosbey lost his life during the rescue attempts to bring ashore the stricken crew of the barque Mary Stoddard during a violent storm. Eleven men died, seven on the Mary Stoddart and four more local men, Captain James Kelly, Gerald Hughes, James Crosbey and James Murphy. Kelly’s monument at Roden Place in Dundalk is a memorial of the rescue party.

7. Church & Graveyard

Wander round these ancient places

Take a look and discovery your ancestry

St. Fursey  the patron saint of the parish, Blackrock & Haggardstown founded a monastery on the site of the church ruins in the  ancient graveyard dating to c.650AD. The church here was in use until 1620 and the earliest headstone in the graveyard dates  to 1729.   A 17th/ 18th century burial vault was discovered at the rear of the old church in 1977.  William Darcy, an Officer Commanding in the 2nd floor of the G.P.O., Dublin during the 1916 Rising rests here.

8. Recreational Facilities

Fab facilities for all kinds of activities

Kick it, drive it, play it ...

The village boasts a variety of recreational facilities including a Links Golf Course, an award winning Park with outdoor gym & sensory garden and a fantastic Playground with amusements for young children and sports facilities for teenagers. The Community Centre is a hub of activity with various groups & workshops open to all with Drop-In access. Beside it is Rock Celtic football pitch which hosts local & visiting matches on a regular basis in its floodlit grounds.

9. The Boathouse

A century old landmark

The Famous Lifeboat House

Following the Mary Stoddart disaster, a lifeboat station was established in 1859  at the Southern end of the Promenade. However, In 1900 a new boathouse was built, Blackrock Lifeboat Station, close to the Fane river estuary. The iconic building still stands & is a listed privately owned building today.The boathouse was completed in 1900 and always housed      two lifeboats both named “General R. Dudley Blake”. In September 1935 the Blackrock lifeboat service was withdrawn and moved to Clogherhead.

10. Millenium Sundial

One of Irelands largest sundials

What time is it?

Blackrock Millennium Sundial is the largest sundial in a public place anywhere in Ireland. It was commissioned by Blackrock tidy Towns to mark the millennium in the village. It was unveiled in 2000 and has a time capsule with photographs & documents from the Millennium year in the village buried in its foundations. It has become a focal point for the centre of the Village Promenade. The bronze sculpture “Aisling” is by local artist Tanya Nyegaard and has instructions on how to use it  the sundial is located in the raised rose bed nearby.

11. Village Walks

Explore the village on foot

Round the Rock and Beach Walks

This pretty village is well worth exploring & the best way to do that is to walk it. Follow the “Round the Rock” walk as illustrated on the Map, for an easy & accessible footpath walking route taking approximately one hour. For a little longer and a more rugged walk , follow the “Wellie Walk“ route taking in the mudflats, the beaches and the hidden lanes around the village; this route is tidal dependant and as indicated, is best suited to wellie type footwear and an adventurist spirit.

12. Destination Village

Relaxed shopping in one street

Grab a bargain

Blackrock offers visitors a unique leisure and shopping experience.  The village has a number of speciality and artisan shops as well as top class Seafood Restaurants, traditional Pubs & Coffee Houses. The village with its historic Promenade lends itself to being a One-Stop Shopping Street and a healthy alternative to the usual Urban Shopping Centre phenomenon. Why not spend a leisurely day in the village, availing of the free parking and relaxed atmosphere and friendly village shopping experience stroll along The Promenade.

Blackrock Map - Rear