Crosscause OrionAir Launch

OrionAir to Transform Blackrock Beach into Interstellar Launch Pad this Boxing Day

Hold onto your holiday hats and get ready for lift-off as OrionAir the new name in aerospace, gear up for a wacky and wonderful rocket launch extravaganza on Blackrock Beach this December 26th. In a move that’s part cosmic curiosity, part charitable caper, the sky will be the limit for laughter and goodwill all in the name of the Crosscause Charity.

This peculiarly planned launch promises a spectacle that’s out of this World, quite literally. While most folks are digesting leftover turkey sandwiches, OrionAir is plotting a cosmic caper that’s sure to turn heads, raise eyebrows, and perhaps even send a few reindeer scampering. “We at OrionAir believe in taking holidays to new heights—quite literally,” said Conor Hughes the rocket man behind this scheme. “Why just settle for leftovers and post-holiday blues when you can
aim for the stars and create some intergalactic merriment? Plus, it’s all for a good cause!”

The Blackrock Beach launch promises a rocket spectacle that will have beachgoers rubbing their eyes in disbelief between bites of mince pies. Spectators are encouraged to bring their telescopes, alien disguises and a generous spirit as all of the event’s proceeds will go straight to the Crosscause Charity because even in the midst of cosmic chaos – charity is key.

So buckle up for a post-Christmas blast that promises to be out of this World with OrionAir at the helm expect a launch that’s as unpredictable as Uncle Bob’s dance moves after one too many glasses of eggnog. For more details on this cosmic shindig and to witness a Boxing Day blast-off unlike any other, keep
your eyes on the skies and your and checkout or their Social Channels.