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Our Pub, Bar, Shop, Restaurant and Takeaway listing for Blackrock, Co. Louth in Ireland on Irelands Ancient East.

steak_dinnerWe have a great choice of food and drinks in our Irish bars and restaurants for you to enjoy right on the seafront. From casual dining to family nights out we have lots of choice. From fish and chips to haute cuisine – Blackrock has it all.

A trip along the Blackrock main street in the evening is a treat for the senses as the smells and sounds of our village fill the air. We have a wide variety of bars, tea & coffee shops and restaurants all serving fresh quality Irish foods. Fresh seafood, quality Irish steaks and locally produced vegtables are all on offer in our restaurants to be enjoyed with he best of Irish beers and World reknowned wines.

If you are on the move and need something quick and delicious then we have a Deli’s making up the best of locally produced salads, meats and vegtables exactly the way you you it. From fresh pastries, wraps, salads, rolls and hot lunches – you can get it on the go.

But for generations families have been coming to Blackrock to enjoy “Fish and Chips” if you enjoy sitting in the sun with the smell of salt and vinegar in air. We have a family run traditional fish and chip emporium where you can enjoy the seaside tastes and smells on the seafront wall while taking in the view.

Finally, if you are just looking for a quiet cup of tea or coffee overlooking the sea while enjoying a fresh croisson then Blackrock is the place for you on Sunday mornings. While away the hours reading your Sunday newspaper while watching the joggers out for their early morning run.

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