//Rescue 116 Candlelit Vigil – St Patricks Night – 8:00pm

Rescue 116 Candlelit Vigil – St Patricks Night – 8:00pm

A short candlelit gathering will take place at the Sundial in Blackrock at 8pm on St. Patrick’s Day to give the local community an opportunity to show its solidarity and support for the family, relatives, friends and colleagues of Captain Mark Duffy who is missing in the course of his duty, along with his three colleagues.

The organisers ask those planning to come along to please bring a candle, tealight, or small lantern which can be placed on the sea wall at the Sundial and taken away after the event if they wish. When all candles are in place Fr. Padraig Keenan will lead the gathering in a short prayer and moment of silent reflection for Mark, his family, and his colleagues. The event will conclude no later than 8.30, so please come along if you can to show your solidarity with those directly affected by this terrible tragedy.

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