Cycling Ireland supports Rás 2022

Cáirde Rás Tailteann announces the support of Cycling Ireland who have stepped up again in 2022 to continue ultimately the support that originated from the various state Departments including
Sport/Transport over decades, now continued via Sport Ireland and its long association with An Rás Tailteann.

Cycling Ireland is the National Governing body for cycling across the island of Ireland with a vision is to develop an island enriched by cycling. Staying true to its roots as an organisation that was originally formed to cater to competitive cyclists. It now also boasts one of the more diverse, larger and influential memberships within the context of the Irish sporting landscape. Bringing together cyclists and communities whether it relates to education, leisure, development, safety, competition, commuting or just incidental bike use of any kind. Cycling Ireland is a resource for everyone no matter what your interest in cycling is, through its varied resources and programmes.

Of course, Cycling Ireland also boasts the inclusion of an Irish team composed of the following riders
for the 2022 edition:
Rás Tailteann – Ireland Team
• Rory Townsend (road captain)
• Archie Ryan
• Dean Harvey
• Adam Ward
• Paul-Antoine Hagan

Cycling Ireland CEO, Matt McKerrow, commented “Cycling Ireland is delighted to see An Rás Tailteann return to the Irish cycling calendar after a short hiatus. We are pleased to be in a position
to support the event to get back on the road this year and see the legacy of this longstanding race, which dates back to 1953, continue. We hope our significant funding of the event this year provides the impetus for future editions to follow” he added “the organising committee have put an enormous amount of work into the event and with the support of the event sponsors, local councils and the wider cycling community it is sure to be a great success. We look forward to 5-days of spectacular racing, featuring our top domestic talent as well as teams from around the World.”

Race Director Gerard Campbell added “one of An Rás Tailteanns most consistent supporters over the years. Cycling Ireland has continued the vital support this event, as well as many others in the Irish Cycling calendar has relied upon for many years. Our sincerest thanks in particular to the to the Board of Cycling Ireland which has since 2019 encouraged and supported the efforts we have made to bring this event back. We especially would like to thank the Board for its support and foresight through the highly uncertain times during the covid pandemic. For their recognition of how critical this event is, not just for the development of our talented athletes, but also for the role this event plays bringing the Irish cycling community together. Facilitating the smooth transfer of knowledge, skills and experience between the generations of volunteers within the wider national cycling community and which makes this the ultimate event in the Irish cycling calendar”
Cáirde Rás Tailteann would also like to again note the historical support received from Sport Ireland via Cycling Ireland for this event over many years.