Lifeboat Station Closes

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In 1935 the famous Blackrock station was shut down, motorboats at Newcastle, Co. Down and Clogherhead being deemed able to cope with casualties in Dundalk Bay and its approaches.

Decomissioned Days

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The lifeboat was decomissioned from being a ferry and pleasure vessle in 2006 where it was brought ashore in Kildare in 2006. It was later moved to seaside storage in Wexford in 2014 close to Loftus Hall.

Blackrock Visit

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In 1994 the General R Dudley Blake made a brief return for a two day trip from Howth to its former home port of Blackrock where it received a huge welcome from the crowd onshore as part of a RNLI fundraiser.

Fishing Tours

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In 1947 the The General R Dudley Blake Lifeboat changed role to become a vessel for fishing tours and transfered to Howth under the ownership of the Cyril Doyle family and was renamed to the "St Therese"

Lifeboat Commissioned

2018-05-24T12:49:11+01:00January 21st, 1909|

The General R Dudley Blake (2nd) Lifeboat was commissioned in 1909 for the RNLI for £892 pounds in the Thames Iron Works, Vistoria Dock Road, Canning Town, London, UK.